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CREWBLAST Sees Record Breaking Usage As Aircraft Crew Are In Demand

CREWBLAST, the technology-based aircraft staffing company, announced today that they continue to experience massive growth in demand for contract pilots and flight crews as private aviation operations struggle to staff an increasing number of flights.  Sources report that staffing needs are particularly difficult to fill for longer trips and for more unique aircraft, such as brand-new models or very old models.  There are simply not enough pilots currently flying or trained on these newer or outdated aircraft.

One of the advantages of CREWBLAST is that its payment structure is highly favored by aircraft operators.  For contract crews there are absolutely no fees to use the program.  With this structure, pilots earn their full daily rate and CREWBLAST is compensated by the aircraft operator who is charged a percentage fee based on the rate of the crew hired.  This method, combined with CREWBLAST’s general focus on supporting workers in the aviation industry, has helped the company rapidly grow its database, which in turn provides a larger pool of applicants to quickly and efficiently fill aircraft operator staffing needs.

“The real key to CREWBLAST is that we notify the entire network that is qualified for your staffing need,” commented CREWBLAST President Timothy Griffin.  “By casting such a wide net, we are able to fulfill virtually all requests, and do it in rapid speed.”

Due to the incredibly high demand right now, many pilots are able to pick and choose which jobs to take.  It’s more important than ever to reach a large mass of candidates to successfully fill staffing.  CREWBLAST was built from the ground up with this large outreach capability at top of mind.