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Crewing Solutions for every Flight Department.

Alleviate the flight crew shortage by relying on CrewBlast to furnish your aircraft with proficient and thoroughly vetted flight crews.

Your Number one source for Contract Pilots and Flight Attendants


Crews so fast, it’s a Blast.

Navigate through staffing challenges and conquer flight crew shortages seamlessly with CrewBlast. Transmit your requirements across our network of current and qualified flight crew members, ensuring a swift connection with the assistance tailored to your needs. Whether you're in search of Contract Flight Attendants, Contract Pilots, or ASO's, trust in a smooth liftoff with CrewBlast.

With an impressive 98% Crewing success rate, our expansive database encompasses over 10,000 Contracts Pilots and Flight Attendants globally, guaranteeing that your aircraft will always soar without any grounding concerns.

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Enhance operational efficiency with CrewBlast's SaaS option, enabling seamless integration of your internal contractor databases. Boost productivity for your logistics teams as they eliminate the need for time-consuming calls or emails to preferred contractors. Instead, send instant notifications to their devices for prompt responses.

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About Our Partnership
with CLEAR.

Transform your screening procedures and elevate safety standards to new heights. CrewBlast has partnered with CLEAR, combining their expertise to enhance the vetting process. In addition to background checks, CrewBlast will verify the identity of candidates.

Why CrewBlast Works…

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Global Reach

We operate around the globe & have tremendous traction in filling staffing needs in multiple countries.

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Fast & Efficient Solutions

CrewBlast’s technology locates and secures Contract Pilots or Contract Flight Attendants quicker than any other means, guaranteed.

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Simplified Staffing

We have a direct line to our entire database of personnel at the push of a button.

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If you are in need of a Contract Pilot, Contract Flight Attendant or ASO, CrewBlast is here to assist.