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Contract Pilot Daily Rates

What is the current Contract Pilot Daily Rate? CREWBLAST, a new technology-based aircraft staffing company, released data today on requested daily wage rates from its vast network of contract pilots and flight attendants. The information includes more than 150 responses from flight crews and includes rates for domestic and international travel for pilot in command (PIC), second in command (SIC) as well as flight attendants. CREWBLAST uses a revolutionary new approach to aircraft staffing: their system has a database of registered highly qualified pilots and flight attendants that have downloaded their crew app. When an operator needs staffing, a “Blast” is sent via push notification directly to the mobile devices of all crew members needed who can respond immediately, resulting in incredibly fast and accurate crew staffing.

The CREWBLAST data, which is classified by aircraft type, indicates a range for domestic PICs from $700 per day (for a BE-200 aircraft) to $4,000 per day (for a G600 aircraft). Daily rates for flight attendants ranged from $500 to $850 per day, and vary based on domestic vs. international travel. You can view the entire data set by visiting Contract Pilot Daily Rates. The public release of pay rate data from CREWBLAST comes on the heels of another release last month from the firm on the aircraft types with the most staffing requests. That list included the Gulfstream 500, the Dassault Falcon, the Bombardier Challenger, the Cessna Citation XLS, and the Gulfstream IV.

“We’ve realized that not only does our technology fill a great void in the industry, but we have an incredible amount of data that can provide insights on trends in real time too,” commented CREWBLAST President Timothy Griffin. “We are looking forward to continuing to release helpful industry data like our pay rate data, which we plan to publish each month.”

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