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Contract Pilots Worldwide

CREWBLAST, the technology-based aircraft staffing company, continues to experience record growth, with its database of aircraft pilots and crew growing over 136% in just the last two months. The company is now operating all around the globe and has had tremendous traction in filling staffing needs in multiple countries.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to see how well our technology is working not only here at home, but around the world too,” commented CREWBLAST President, Timothy Griffin. “As our database of pilots and flight attendants grows, so does our customer base, and it provides for a total win-win situation for all users.”

The CREWBLAST app allows aircraft operators that find themselves in urgent need of crews to fill their vacancies fast. Recently, a personal emergency left a private aircraft one pilot short in the middle of an overseas trip to the island nation of Cyprus. The aircraft operator used the CREWBLAST app and was able to quickly locate a nearby pilot who was able to fill in for the remainder of the trip, resulting in zero downtime. “We love hearing these success stories while helping to solve costly delays for our clients,” continued Griffin, who noted that the same day as the Cyprus trip was staffed, another flight from Israel to the US was staffed using CREWBLAST which filled the vacancy in a matter of hours, not days.

CREWBLAST, which launched last year, has a unique insight into the aviation industry since they are able to get a sense of the market in real-time. They regularly release industry data on their website, such as prevailing staffing rates and top aircraft type requests, which last month were the Global Express XRS, Global Express 6000 Vision, and the Gulfstream 550. The app is currently available in both the Apple App and Google Play Stores. For more information on their flight contractor data please visit