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CREWBLAST Releases Data On Top 5 Aircrafts Crewed In December

CREWBLAST, a new technology-based aircraft staffing company, released today its list of the top five aircrafts that requested crews in December 2021. The list, which includes aircrafts from four different aircraft manufacturers, is the first data released from the company which launched last year. CREWBLAST uses a revolutionary new approach to aircraft staffing: their system has a database of registered highly qualified pilots and flight attendants that have downloaded their crew app. When an operator needs staffing, a “Blast” is sent via push notification directly to the mobile devices of all crew members needed who can respond immediately, resulting in incredibly fast and accurate crew staffing.

The CREWBLAST data indicates that the most staffing requests in December were for the Gulfstream 500, the Dassault Falcon 7X, the Bombardier Challenger 605, the Cessna Citation XLS, and the Gulfstream IV. The aircraft are all models favored by business and luxury travelers alike, and range from an average daily pilot rate of $3500 per day (for the Gulfstream 500) to $1200 per day (for a Cessna Citation XLS). Many of the aircraft can carry as many as 19 passengers, while the smallest (the Cessna) can still hold 8-9 people. “While we serve all aircraft types, we anticipate that many of our requests will continue to come from these larger and longer-range aircraft,” commented CREWBLAST President Timothy Griffin. “It’s just much more of a challenge to staff these aircraft, and that’s where we can help.”
“I could not believe how fast CREWBLAST was able to staff our Gulfstream commented James Schnell, Director of Owner Services at Priester Aviation, that operates several models including the Gulfstream 500. “Staffing aircraft for last minute flights used to be a stressful, time-consuming process and a major headache. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

CREWBLAST’s technology works around the world, and the app is currently available in both the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

CREWBLAST is a technology-first private aviation staffing company founded in 2021. The company aims to staff all private aviation crew needs within minutes using its database of highly qualified pilots and flight attendants combined with its proprietary technology that can be accessed around the world. The CREWBLAST app is available on the Google and Apple App stores for free download. For more information, please visit .