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When You Need A Contract Pilot, STAT!

I need a Contract Pilot! It’s happened to every Aircraft Operator at some point. You have a flight is scheduled, and in the days leading up to the flight, you’re now down a crew member. Many life factors can cause this, illness, death in the family, family emergency, or more recently, COVID! If you find yourself in a bind, CrewBlast’s technology allows you to locate and secure a Contract Pilot or Contract Flight Attendants quicker than any other means, guaranteed.

When presented with a challenge to not only crew one GVII typed pilot, but two, CrewBlast went above and beyond, and had the entire crew secured within 30 minutes.

We encourage ALL aircraft operators to register with CrewBlast, registration is Free. When you have a crew shortage, you will then be able to request a CrewBlast, and see for yourself how quickly the CrewBlast technology works! Secure your Contract Flight Crew Today!

We have crew members registered for all aircraft types, nationwide. It doesn’t matter where your home base is, if we don’t have a registered crew member there, we can get them to you!