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The Crewing System That WORKS.

When an operator came to CrewBlast in need of a GVII Typed and Current pilot, CrewBlast stepped up to the plate – and knocked it out! In only five days, the closing would happen on this 2018 G500, with only one problem, they didn’t have a crew to fly the acceptance flight, closing flight, and reposition flight to its new home base.

In only seven minutes, CrewBlast had a pilot assigned to the operator for that trip.

But wait, next came the new challenge…. The new owner wanted to utilize his brand new aircraft over the Christmas and New Years Holiday – once again, CrewBlast was given the task to not only find one pilot, but an entire crew! Once again, in under 30 minutes, a crew was assigned and in place for a holiday trip.

WIth an extensive database of typed and current pilots, from DC-3’s to BBJ’s, CrewBlasts technology was built to perform. If you’re an operator in need of contract flight crew, contact